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If you have landed on this page, you have completed the first step to becoming a member of Ashanti Dancers

The Ashanti Dancers are the performing group for the organization. This group is composed of dancers who participate in festivals, showcases, competitions and other events.  Dancers 10 and up have the opportunity to travel to New York for Spring Break for classes with Alvin Ailey, Dance Theater of Harlem and Julliard. 


1. 7 years old and up. 

2. Have at least 2 years dance experience. 

3. Must commit to rehearsals outside of regular class time ( Saturday mornings) . 

4. Exhibit leadership in their community, school, extracurricular activities. 

5. Must take classes in etiquette, interviewing skills, and leadership skills. 

6. Desire to learn and work hard in dance. 

Audition Process 

1. complete an audition form by January 30th  (click here for form) 

2. Learn a small piece in 30 mins during the audition. 

3. Present the piece to the judges in a group. 

 4. Dancers will receive an email with their acceptance letter.

5. Parents are not allowed to sit in the audition.

After Audition

1. Performing Group classes are Saturday ( Saturdays will vary ) 9- 10:30 a.m.  

2. More information will be given after auditions. 

Click here for form 

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