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Join Ashanti Cultural Arts and local renowned artist Nzingah Oniwosan at Ali Cultural Arts for the creation of a community art installation.

The city of Pompano has a rich history and a diverse background of people. 

The conservation and sharing of this history is one of the many reasons Ali Cultural Arts was created. 


 The community is asked to join in on a

"Chat, Create, and Chew" sessions.  Participants are asked to bring different items that speak to their personal , family,  and the history of Pompano. During their time together they will chat about what they decided to bring and its significance to local history. 

After the discussion through the direction of Nzingah they will create bronze pieces that connect to what was discussed and the energy of the city of Pompano.


Participants will be using metal clay to create the bronze pieces. Metal Clay takes the long practiced science of powered metallurgy and re-introduces it to the world as our newest eco-friendly fine metal art. During the workshop they will have refreshments to chew on.



Upon the completion of the workshop series Nzingah will fire and join the individual pieces created by the participants to create the art installation, which will be mounted at Ali Cultural Arts Center


The Chat, Create, and Chew 

 Ali Cultural Arts, 353 Hammondville Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. 


May 25th - June 2nd 


Or Call (954) 786-7876

Or Call (954) 786- 7876

Pompano has such a rich History  and tradition. 
      Nzingah O.  
Project Aritst 
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