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Event Dates

February 24th

March 10th

April 14th

May 12th

June 14th

July 11th

Ali Cultural Arts Center 

353 Hammondville Rd. Pompano , Beach, FL 

"Create, Chat and Chew" provides opportunities  to socialize, bond, while engaging conversation through art.  The featured artist for each session will share and lead an art project during a two hour workshop. Participants create an art piece with the option of working as a group or alone. All projects are taken home as a tangible representative of this spectacular event as well as a conversation piece in their home. The instructor/artist engage participants to about recent social topics, or participant's suggestions on what to chat about. During the workshop, food will be provided throughout the evening. No two create chat and chews are the same just like our instructors/Artist themselves. Their diversity ranges from Haitian to Hispanic, female and male, young and "seasoned". This gives each session its own uniqueness as well as reach all diversities.
Tickets are
$10 per person | Call for group rates

About the Create Chat and Chew 

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